Callum Kerr

“There is no place I know,
like the world of pure imagination.”

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The Creative

Phase 1:Research, Analysis, Requirements Gathering

The research phase is the most important in shaping the final product.

During and after our initial contact meeting – which can be in person or over the phone – I'll be trying to learn as much as possible about your current system, and the systems of your competitors, or other businesses of note in your field, to form a good idea of your requirements.

Phase 2:Wireframes & UI Design

In this phase we explore the form and function of the product to be built.

These documents will help to ensure that we are both of the same understanding of the software’s business function and user interface requirements, and your feedback is an important part of this, and every, part of the development process. At this stage we can make changes, revisions and updates easily.This process may include, but is not limited to, wireframes, layouts, sketches, user flow diagrams, moodboards, color swatches and occasionally a hi-resolution mockup for exploratory purposes, or any other product development tools that are appropriate for the situation at hand.

$500 per hour - please note that I will require a minimum project commitment of 4 hours paid work to start work on a brand new project design.

Once we have hammered out some of the details and project vision, we can proceed…

Phase 3:
Server/Application Infrastructure Setup (Technical requirements)

Now that we have some idea of our project's technical requirements, we commission the software infrastructure that we will need for the project.

At this point, I will need to secure the resources and infrastructure that we will use to host the final product. I will help you set up accounts with a hosting provider and any other services that we will require for the project. To be clear, these will be your accounts, they will be under yours or your company’s name, and you will handle billing directly with the service providers. I will require log-in access to any services that we use for the project, so that I can complete my work in a timely manner.

Also in this phase of the project, I will set up the Server with the software that we will need to build, deploy, monitor, and develop this product.

$2000 per server per year /
$650 per hour

Up-time guaranteed.

Phase 4:
Active Development

In this stage you will see your software come to life.

I will share my work-in-progress with you at a live url / IP address, and you will be able to see my work as it progresses and provide feedback. Your feedback is once again very much appreciated at this stage of the process, as the earlier that we can identify any problems, the quicker it will be to fix them.

This is where the real grunt-work of software development work happens, and it is helpful to allow time for regular conversations and project overviews, or weekly "stand-up" meetings.

$2200 -> $4000 per week / $11,200 per month full-time
(mon-thur + emergency out-of-hours assistance as necessary)

(+ $200 per hour for each hour, or part thereof, worked outside of normal working hours (9am-5pm), or beyond 40 hours in a week)

Regular hours are billed at a nominal rate of $100 per hour

Phase 5:
Flip the Switch

At this point, we are ready to take the project live.

I will assist you in such technical matters as transferring DNS Records, ensuring that your existing infrastructure continues to run smoothly while introducing this new software product. We will ensure that everything works correctly and you will be able to start using your new software.

Phase 6:
Bug Fixes & Product Refinement

Once we have a working prototype we can fine-tune and optimize it.

Once we have built a working product, you will have the opportunity to refine it and make sure that it works exactly as it is needed. Once you are happy with the final product it is time to…

Phase 7:
Upkeep & Growth

Tend your software as a garden, and it will reap you fruits to the nth degree.- prophetic technologist, c. 0 BCE

Once we have a stable, working product, we may wish to turn our attention to improvements and additions that were outside the scope of the original project exploration, and develop the software further to provide additional utility and happiness for all beings.