Callum Kerr

“There is no place I know,
like the world of pure imagination.”

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Callum Kerr


Front-end developer with a systems bent.

I enjoy creating code that makes life easier for those who use it.


To create intricately beautiful web applications, with an interest in optimizing developer workflow.


Markup. I use semantic robust HTML5 with a mind to modernity and graceful degradation. Why shouldn't you have your cake and eat it too.

Style. I may not be an artist, but I know what I like. I draw from the best of what I see while surfing the cyber-highways, focus on typography & whitespace, and produce a clean interface for ease and enjoyment of use.

Structure. I work in the highly abstract medium of code, and for me, a well-planned out structure is essential to a performant, maintainable application.



April 2016 -> August 2016:

  • Development of an interactive data analytics app with D3.js and Angular 2, as a prototype for a social network monitoring service.

February 2016 -> April 2016:

  • Development as part of a team working on an Ember/Rails app with social network and image processing features.

December 2015 -> May 2016:

  • Development of a mobile app using Cordova and Ionic for cross-platform deployment, for a local company building Bluetooth-enabled devices.

July 2015 -> Present:

  • Development of a client/resource management application using EmberJS and Ruby on Rails, for a local healthcare service recruitment agency.

March 2013 -> Present:

  • Webmaster for Hot Pink, Ink, one of South Dakota's premier marketing agencies. My work ranges from server administration to front-end development, across our active portfolio of more than a dozen client web-sites.


  • My wife and I are building and running our local permaculture farm. In our third year, we are starting to see returns on our input of organic matter, with the help of our livestock, and our badly depleted soil is returning to fertility.

November 2011 –> October 2012:

  • Webmaster and Office Administration with Organic Effects Garden Maintenance

Prior to November 2011:

  • Travel,study, and organic work projects in BC

2000 -> Ongoing

  • Using computers and networks to learn about computers and networks.

Sept 2006 –> July 2008:

Sept 2008 –> Aug 2009:

Sept 2004 –> May 2006:

  • IB Diploma at The International School of Penang (Uplands School), Malaysia, taking Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science at Higher Level, with Japanese, English, and Geography.

HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
I'm practiced and very comfortable with browser-side code. If you can imagine it, the chances are that I can build it in your browser.

Angular JS and/or Ember JS
(or anything that supports a component-based architecture)
I'm comfortable with either of these heavyweights in the client-side MV* application space. I've found Angular slightly easier to drop in to an existing application and get up and running quickly, but I really value Ember's convention-based approach, which really helps me stay clean and on track in attempting to write larger or more complex applications. Even if it does take me a little longer to achieve comparable tasks in Ember (at present), I feel confident in the greater value that a good application architecture provides.

I love the clarity and expressiveness that is possible using Ruby. Ruby on Rails, Padrino, Sinatra, Lotus,

PHP and Wordpress
I spent several years working primarily in PHP on the backend, both in and outside of Wordpress. I value both, but prefer to work in Javascript, Ruby

It's Javascript on the server. It's nice to have options.

Some day.

Elixir (Phoenix)
My next hobby server.

A little more
about me

An English national, I was raised in South East Asia, in the little country of Malaysia, where the Sun shines, and the food is delicious. I played football (soccer) and rugby, took Maths, Computer Science and Physics in high school, ate great food all the time, and generally enjoyed tropical life. At age 18 I moved to Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, and passed five years studying, travelling and working on organic farms. I met my wife in the Okanagan Valley in 2011, and we were married a year later. Now we are celebrating the third birthday of our son, and working hard to build our local organic farm, in Rapid City, SD.

Foreign Language:

I studied Japanese as a foreign language for a total of 8 years throughout high- school, achieving three certificates during that time: the Mombushō Certificate of Japanese Proficiency Level 4, IGCSE Foreign Language Japanese (Grade A*), and IB Standard Level Foreign Language (Grade 4).

In August of 2003, I embarked on a month-long home stay in Okinawa, Japan, where I communicated primarily in Japanese, lived with a Japanese family in a traditional home, and attended local, Japanese-language school with other students my age. It was an intense learning experience, and a lot of fun.

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