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“There is no place I know,
like the world of pure imagination.”

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On organic Gardening

What is it that we do here, on the weekends, and whenever we can? What are we hoping to achieve, and how are we planning to achieve it?

The universe only knows. I just want to play music, dance the night away, and eat a good breakfast with my family and beloved friends.

But there's this feeling, this growing certainty within us, within all of us, that the Earth needs us. That we need to be choosing wisely, in what we eat, what we do every day, and what we do occasionally. What is the legacy that we are leaving behind? How are we going to leave this camp site for the people that come after us?

I, for one, am not leaving it strewn with beer cans, although in today's world, it does seem that perhaps alumin(i)um cans are among the lesser of our worries.

I doubt it's the first time in history, but it appears that at this point in time, the human race has become divided; the head has raced on so quickly, that the heart has been left behind. And the soul cries out, from the separation. There is so much spearation. Never before, have humans lived so closely together, and felt so far apart.

Always, in the past, have we had our communities, bound together by simple geographic realities. There was no escape from your neighbours, so you might as well learn to get along.

Today we have the internet, and cars, or planes, to take us off to work on the other side of the world, comfortable in the knowledge that at the end of the day, we will leave these other humans that we work alongside, and return to our homes, to the people we "really" care about.

And we find that the daily separation has created distance. How unexpected, and unsettling. But getting back into the dirt, the good earth that supports us? Well that's just always grounding. For that, after all, is her Nature…