Callum Kerr

“There is no place I know,
like the world of pure imagination.”

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Clov3r Leaf
Development Studios

Hand crafted
web applications
businesses & individuals.

Custom Web Sites

Line of Business

Mobile Applications

I build client-side web applications that are mobile-ready.

Designed for a Smaller Screen

Mobile traffic is quickly overtaking desktop traffic on the internet.
Is your application ready?

Rich, Interactive User Experiences

Using cutting-edge client side application technology (Ember JS)


Applications can be packaged with all their assets, so you don't need to depend on a flaky Cell phone signal to get your work done.

Happy to help you, wherever you are.

Proud to call Rapid City home.

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Get in touch, whether it's about software or organic vegetables, a question about code, or a project you'd like to work on. Let's have a conversation.

Clov3r Leaf
Development Studios
15871 Hammerquist Road
Farmingdale, SD
57725, USA